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Why ConsumerSmart Savings?

ConsumerSmart is a NZ Collective for Savings.

Every New Zealander can now benefit by Group Buying, Group Savings, Group discounts.

Our buying power reduces your costs.

Why ConsumerSmart Trades and Professional Services?

Access some of the best Suppliers in your area of need in a modern way

Multiple supplier web-site listed for comparison

Fuel Savings
Solar Savings
Energy Savings
Conveyancing Buying/Selling - Save $1200!
Conveyancing Buying/Selling - Save $1200!

Fuel Savings - Massive Savings, South Island

Known for Extremely low FUEL Pump Pricing
Qualifies all to Greater group Discounting with McKeown
South Island Discounting on Fuel
SAVE an EXTRA 10 cents per litre on DIESEL & 8 cents per litre on PETROL in addition to a very low pump price
Super Combo for YOU
Low Cost Supplier with ConsumerSmart LARGE discounts
  Customers deal directly with McKeown with application forms and billing.
  Apply Now with ConsumerSmart for Extra discount Savings
  Or go to then click Credit Application followed by ConsumerSmart Logo to download forms.
  Send direct to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Solar Energy - Save with Direct Importing

Electrical Broker - Save Up To 40%


Our primary goal is to save our clients time and money.

We achieve this through:

  • market knowledge
  • buying power
  • thorough analysis

This allows us to identify and manage overspends.

Other Benefits

We can:

We achieve this through:

  • get you best market rates
  • organise the switching between power companies
  • set up payment methods to suit you
  • arrange a fixed term contract to mitigate the risk of price increases

Service Providers

Scroll Down, Click to suppliers Web-site.
View detailed information about your supplier.
e-Mail for quotes or call.
Regional selection of suppliers
Get a quote immediately or within 24 hours.
Read reviews and choose the right person for the job.



Haulage / Furniture Removal

Business Listings

Represent your area!

We have listings in Invercargill, Gore, Te Anau, Queenstown, Arrowtown, Wanaka, Alexandra & Dunedin with more locations to come.
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